December 08, 2012

Source Maps with Chrome Canary and Rails

I was having problem piecing together all the steps to enabling source maps in Chrome Canary. I really wanted to get it working with the rails-sass gem that comes with Rails 3, and the Asset Pipeline.

Eventually I got things working, this is what I did:

Step 1:

In Chrome Canary navigate to chrome://flags/

Step 2:

Search for “Developer Tools experiments” and enable

Step 3:

Enable sass support in the developer tools:

  1. View->Developer->Developer Tools.
  2. Click the gear in the bottom right.
  3. Choose the Experimental Tab.


Experiments tab:

Step 4:

In config/enviroments/development.rb Add config.sass.debug_info = true inside the Application.configure block.

MyApp::Application.configure do
  # Settings specified here will take precedence over those in config/application.rb

  # ...

  # Do not compress assets
  config.assets.compress = false

  # Expands the lines which load the assets
  config.assets.debug = true

  # Enable source maps in the browser
  config.sass.debug_info = true

This should cause rails-sass to include the @media -sass-debug-info statements in your generated application.css file. I found it helpful to visit /assets/application.css directly on the rails app to make sure that was working.

Step 5:

Reboot all the things. Reload rails server. Reload the browser.

Step 6:

Now the developer tools links to your sass files directly. Huzzah!