January 05, 2010

Top 10 Mac apps for non-programmers

Recently a project manager friend of mine asked what he should get for his shiney new mack book pro, and I came up with the following list. Turns out it was 10 items long. So I was obligated by the internets to turn it into a blog post.

  1. Adium for chat (for when you don’t care about video)

  2. LaunchBar commercial, for starting apps/switching/everything. TOTALLY worth the money. If you only buy one program for your mac buy this one. If you cant cough up the euros at least use QuickSilver.

  3. Tweetie for twitter best twitter client, just use the free version.

  4. Mac RDC client For those who need to remote into windows machines, but this does it.

  5. Skitch is screen capture and markup on steroids. Alghough I am biased to Captured, which is for programmers, so it does not fit the criteria.

  6. Cyberduck who doesn’t need an ftp client?

  7. 1Password commercial, but by far the best password manager/form filler out there.

  8. Dropbox simple sync between computers, does great job with 1Password’s keychain.

  9. OmniGraffle commercial, but has a knack of making visio look tard-tastic.

  10. OmniFocus commercial, but it is a fantastic GTD program. the WebDAV sync lets me keep my todo list up-to-date on multiple devices.