June 05, 2009

Vim Tip - VimGrep and QuickList

I have known about the vimgrep command for a while, but it was always a little awkward. Well that has all changed now that I know about the QuickFix window.

Take a gem project, I want to search through all the ruby files:

:vimgrep my_method **/*.rb

Which jumps to the first one. But (unbeknownst to me) it also populates the quick list. You can bring up this fancy window with a :cw

Then you can simply navigate to the line you want to look at and hit enter.


But it gets better. Often I want to look for a couple of keywords. I can keep adding to the quick list by using vimgrepadd:

:vimgrep your_method **/*.rb

Then you end up with the results of both in your quick list window, which is a simple C-w C-w away.