April 13, 2009

Development environment for OS X

I recently blew away all my developer tools, /usr/local and /opt (mac ports), and wanted to start with a clean install of my development tools. The following is my configuration for Ruby, Rails, iPhone and C++ development:

Cleanup was done by removing the developer tools with the include perl script:

sudo /Developer/Library/uninstall-devtools --mode=all

Then I deleted /opt, which nuked all of the old macports I had installed.

Then I cleaned out everything I thought I could from /usr/local/. I was mostly interested in removing the include, share, and lib folders from there. Just to be safe I didn’t delete them outright, rather I moved them to a ‘deleteme’ directory while I made sure I could get everything working again.

Once cleanup was done, it was onto the reinstall.

Install the developer tools, I grabbed the latest by downloading the iPhone SDK from the ADC

Install MacPorts

sudo port -v selfupdate

Install the ports

sudo port install subversion +bash_completion git-core +bash_completion+doc+gitweb+svn ruby rb-rubygems rb-rake curl xercesc boost log4cpp cppunit mysql +server 

Install the gems

sudo gem install rails