March 07, 2008

Added a Trac-Hack

I heart trac, and I also heart VibrantInk, as well as my VibrantInk-based color scheme for Vim and Visual Studio.

Earlier this week I spent a little time making a few tweaks to the css of Trac, and was able to get the code browser to show up in my beloved color scheme. After walking around all proud of my self, but everyone I told was more or less utterly unimpressed. So I decided to do the selfless thing and brag about it to the Trac community. Thus the VibrantInkCodeTheme was born.

My visual studio scheme is form John Lam’s settings with a few minor tweaks

My vim scheme is based the VividChalk theme by Tim Pope. I’ve done a fair amount of work on this one, making it work under gVim, Windows CMD, gnome-terminal and the Mac Terminal. The tri-platform thing was a bit of a pain. Every time i got it just right under two of the three, it would break on the third. Seriously, you’d think in the year 2008 we could get at least 256 colors in *all* the terminals.